Top Up Loans

Top Up Loans

Wish you could top up your personal loan from time to time? Well now you can. Once signed up with a Gilrose Top Up Loan you will be able to top up your loan as little as $500 at a time with just a $50 admin fee.

What is the difference between a Gilrose Personal Loan and a Gilrose Top Up Loan?

A personal loan has a set term, with set payments, and once paid off the loan is completed. If you wanted another loan you would have to reapply.

With a Gilrose Top Up Loan you will apply once, be given a limit, and can draw down multiple times within your limit. Your payments will either be a minimum of $15.00 per month or 5% of the loan balance – whichever is higher of the two, across an open term. This means you can get a loan, pay it off, and top up again whenever you need extra funds. Once signed up, top Up’s can be done via a quick e-mail.


-          Interest rate of 19.95%

-          Open term

-          Ability to top up a minimum of $500

-          $50 each time you top up

-          Single applicants only – no Co-signers

-          $50 annual fee

-          Direct Debit repayments only

-          Minimum monthly repayment of $15.00 or 5% of the loan balance

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