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Gilrose Wedding Card

Looking to make the most of your big day but don't have the funds to make it happen? A Gilrose Wedding Card may work wonders for you.

What is it?

The Gilrose Wedding Card allows you to shop around for wedding products and services with the ability to access pre-approved funds to pay for them. 

How does it work?

The Gilrose Wedding Card is not a swipe card. Simply shop for what you want, then call us when you want it. We will pay you or your supplier directly upon invoice (as long as the cost falls within the limit on your card). You then make payments each month based on how much of your limit you have spent. Each time you make a purchase, your payments are adjusted accordingly. 

Who can get a card?

Couples looking to get married or parents wanting to help fund the wedding. We prefer that two people are on the contract for added security for both parties. 

Where can the card be used?

Any retailer or online store in New Zealand with a minimum purchase value of $250.

When can you use the card?

You can start using your card as soon as you have signed your contract. Your payments will begin as soon as you make your first purchase on the card, meaning the sooner you begin using the card, the better, as this will give you longer to pay off the balance and result in smaller payments.

Why get a Gilrose Wedding Card?

Flexibility. You should be focusing on your fiancé, not your finances. Plan your one special day and make it as beautiful as it can be without having to worry about the cost.

-       Why not have that beautiful dress?

-       Why not have your wedding in a stunning venue with perfect surroundings?

-       Why not visit the places you have always dreamed of on your honeymoon?

The Gilrose Wedding Card is about making those dreams a reality and allowing you to make the most of a day you will never forget. 


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