Rates & Fees

Personal Loan Interest Rates

Our Personal Loan Interest Rates range from 9.95%* to 18.75% for a Gilrose Personal Loan (standard fixed term rate).

*Lower rates apply for secured loans. The more a loan is secured, the lower the interest rate applicable. A secured loan is when a valuable asset such as a motor vehicle is used as security against a loan. If you fail to make repayments on a secured loan, Gilrose has the ability to repossess the valuable asset to sell and the proceeds of the sale used to cover the outstanding balance of the loan.

Personal Loan Fees

Establishment Fees:

All Personal Loans - $240.00 Establishment Fee

$7.00 Credit Check and EIDV Fee (Minimum, if applicable)

$50.00 Repayment Waiver Fee (Minimum, if applicable). Click HERE for more info on Repayment Waivers.

$10.00 Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Standard Fee on Secured Loans

$20.00 Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Additional Fee for Vehicle Loans

Personal Loan Credit Fees and Charges

Here is a breakdown of our credit fees and charges. These are not included in the initial balance and are, or may become, payable under or in connection with your contract. Gilrose Finance may vary the below fees and charges.

Gilrose Finance is required to continually disclose the status of your loan on a six-monthly basis. No statement, other than the six-monthly statement mentioned above, will be provided automatically but statements can be provided upon request at the charge shown below.

3% Credit Card Handling Fee (of the amount paid)

$3.15 Monthly Admin Fee

Statement Request (NO CHARGE)

$5.00  Electronic Refund Fee 

$15.00 Cheque Refund fee

$15.00 Part Prepayment Fee

$15.00 Stop Cheque Fee (Bank Fee)

$75.00 Contract or Security Alteration Fee


Default Interest Charges and Default Fees applicable to All Loans

In the event of a default in payment and while the default continues you must pay the default interest charges. In the event of a breach of the contract or on the enforcement of the contract, the default fees listed below are payable. Gilrose Finance may vary the below fees and charges.

Default interest is 30% per annum, charged on the overdue daily balance from the time that you fall into financial default until you are no longer in financial default and calculated by multiplying the overdue balance at the end of the day by the daily default interest rate. The daily default interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual default interest rate by 365. Default interest is charged to your account monthly.

$5.00 Text Message Reminder Fee

$10.00 Dishonour Fee (per dishonour)

$15.00 Overdue/Reminder letter Fee

$15.00/per day Storage Fee (repossessed goods)

$25.00 Trace Fee

$35.00 Repossession Warning Notice Fee

$50.00 Statement of Account after Sale Fee

$25.00 Termination of Account Fee

$65.00 Repossession/Field Visit Authorisation Fee

$50.00 Post-Repossession Letter Fee